What is Report Miner?

Report Miner is a unique utility program which reads Crystal Report files and:

  • Creates professional-quality documentation files extracting and reporting all report details including:
    • Report summary information (author, last modified date, etc.)
    • Report selection formula.
    • Tables and columns used,
    • Formulas (both user formulas and conditional formulas,
    • Groups and section details,
    • Report objects (fields, headings, images, graphs, etc.)
  • Provides analysis of the base report and all sub-reports
  • Provides a visual layout of the report (scaled to fit on one page)
  • Provides detailed analysis of differences between reports in both text and Word format
  • Provides customized Word layout through parameters.
  • Creates a database of report attributes which can be used for cross-report analysis.

Report Miner database provides a powerful reporting tool

Although Report Miner provides powerful documentation and difference analysis on reports, no standard package can completely fulfill all customer reporting requirements.  As a result, Report Miner creates a database which contains all components of the report which allows users to perform additional analysis and reporting. 

Report Miner actually utilizes our database to provide several reports (using Crystal Reports, of course), including:

Using Report Miner for compliance programs and audit support

Many firms in regulated industries have found that Report Miner is an indispensable tool for the necessary compliance step of identifying and reviewing all changes prior to approving the change and promoting a report to production.  Using Report Miner, the review team can easily and quickly identify and document all report file changes which should allow them to more easily determine that the appropriate sections of the report were modified as well as proving the added assurance that no unexpected changes have been introduced. 

For example, when the change request is only to modify a logo file and Report Miner shows changes to report formulas in the report, questions should be raised. 

Since the Report Difference reporting shows “before” and “after” information, it becomes much easier to review all changes, including all formulas changes.

Using Report Miner to identify report changes after an update

One of the most difficult tasks is identifying what changes have been made to a Crystal Reports. One report works, and one does not – but how do you determine what is different or what has been changed between the two reports? 

There are two methods: the first involves opening up both files in Crystal Reports and manually comparing the two reports while the more efficient method is to compare the reports using Report Miner! Report Miner will compare two versions of the same report, or two different reports and identify all differences in an easy-to-read format. 

Our team used to spend hours identifying changes made to reports or confirming that changes were made as requested; with Report Miner, this can be done in minutes. 

Our customers report that this tool alone justifies the purchase on Report Miner with one use, whether you are a project manager, a QA team member, a user, or a developer.

Using Report Miner to create documentation of your Crystal Reports for your users

The need for user documentation on reports including an accurate description of what fields are displayed, sort order, groupings, settings, layouts and formulas, was one of the reasons for initially developing Report Miner. 

Meaningful documentation can be easily created for users and updated as required using Report Miner; this documentation will only help to improve customer satisfaction and helps demonstrate exactly what you have done as a developer.  The documentation is created in Microsoft Word format and can be further supplemented or incorporated into your existing documentation framework. 

Documentation creation is parameter-driven, allowing you to specify the level of documentation provided to the users, depending on their requirements.

Click to download a sample documentation file created with Report Miner.