Change Log

RM 5.2.10

  • Query Command - Added (refined) reporting of command objects
  • Added check to ensure RM Database is created before running reports against DB

RM 5.2.9

  • Allow setting to display either only referenced database columns/fields or all database columns (previously displayed all database columns)
  • DIsplay how each column is used within report. If you choose to display all columns, this provides same functionality as the "check-mark" in the Crystal Report designer indicating the field is used, but additionally shows how it is used.
  • Added metrics for subreports to the Metrics Report
  • Other minor bug fixes


RM 5.2.5

  • Improved capture of SQL query
  • Corrected posting of database tables for subreports and subreport objects
  • Minor bug fixes


RM 5.2.3

  • improved handling of XML data files
  • improved handling database error reporting

File Size:  51.42 MB

RM 5.2.2

  • Added correct “database command” extraction
  • Corrected SQL Query extraction
  • Added “PARAMSFILE.DAT” feature.


1. This release improved the process used to connect to databases to improved the extraction of the SQL Query from report: