Documentation and Conversion Services

Using our Report Miner Suite's Extract program, we will document your report files for you on an as-needed basis and send you the finished documentation. Click here for a sample of a finished report.

The cost of generating the report documentation for you is $25 per report, and we can document any Crystal Report version 3.0 and higher.

This service is very convenient if you have the following needs:

  1. You require only infrequent report documentation, and will not have enough documentation needs to justify purchasing a full copy of the Report Miner Suite.
  2. You have an immediate need to have reports documented, and do not have time to wait for the approval to purchase the Report Miner Suite.
  3. You are interested in purchasing the Report Miner Suite, but would like to see a fully documented version of one of your production reports before purchasing.

To take advantage of this service:

Simply visit our purchase page and select add to cart for the  "Documentation Service" item.  You can then increase your quantity of reports by viewing your Shopping Cart..

Our charges per report:

US$ 25 - Standard documentation for Crystal Reports 3.0 and higher

When you credit card is processed, you will receive an email address and a order ticket number indicating the number of reports ordered; you will then email us the reports as a attachment to an email (either zipped or unzipped - we prefer zipped) - the email must contain your order ticket number. If you should send us more reports than covered by the order ticket, we will only document the number covered by the order ticket (for which you paid) - the extra reports will not be processed.

As we receive your email, we will verify the order ticket has not yet been filled, and will then process the reports, create the documentation, review it to ensure the processing was complete, and then email you back the documentation file. We will not email back the report files, but will hold them for ten days (in case of any problems) and then delete them.