Extract - Report Owners

Report Owners are used to specify the owner of the reports being documented by Extract. They are used exclusively in the Access database, and are used to join reports together based on their owner. This allows users to run reports off of the Access database, and group their documented reports by report owners.

An example of how Report Owners are useful is in the following situation:

You are a Crystal Reports consultant and you develop reports for multiple clients. For documentation compliance, you set the "Report Owner" in Extract, and then use Extract to generate documentation on your reports to show the customers the information contained in the report as well as how the report will display the report data.

You would then like to take an inventory of all reports created for each client. You could simply open the Report Miner Suite, click on "Reports" in the top menu, then select "Reports by Owner". This will open up a predefined Crystal Report which will display all reports created grouped by the Report Owners. Alternatively, you could simply query the Access database directlry to view all reports grouped by their owner.

The Report Owners Settings screen used to manage Report Owners is shown below. To set the Report Owner for reports to be processed by Extract, you would use the "Settings" screen: