Report Miner Suite

The Report Miner Suite provides professional quality documentation of Crystal Report files which benefit both developers and end users of Crystal Reports. The Report Miner suite consists of 4 utilities which do not modify or alter your reports in any way. Report Miner supports Crystal Report files version 3.0 - 14.0 (CR 2011).

Documentation and Conversion Services

Documentation and Conversion services are available to any user/company that would like to generate professional quality documentation for specific reports without purchasing the Report Miner Suite.

RptDiff Visual Source Safe Add-in

The Report Miner RptDiff VSS Add-in for Crystal Reports is the first add-in product for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) 2005 to support Crystal Reports files. It allows users to quickly and easily view all differences between two reports in a simple and straightforward manner. Using the RptDiff VSS Add-in, developers can harness the true power of a source control system for maintaining their Crystal Reports files.

Custom Development Services

The Report Miners can provide customized development services for specific projects related to documentation and management of Crystal Reports.