Report Miner database provides a powerful reporting tool

Although Report Miner provides powerful documentation and difference analysis on reports, no standard package can completely fulfill all customer reporting requirements.  As a result, Report Miner creates a database which contains all components of the report which allows users to perform additional analysis and reporting. 

Report Miner actually utilizes our database to provide several reports (using Crystal Reports, of course), including:

  • Report – Table cross-reference report, allowing you to easily identify which report uses which tables and vice-versa. This was originally our Report XRef tool in earlier version of Report Miner.
    • Our customers report that this is a significant help when planning database updates.
  • Report – Table-Column Cross reference.  This is similar to the Report-Table cross reference, but allows more granular analysis by table columns and how those columns are used within the report.
  • Report Statistics. This was originally our Report Survey in our earlier versions and provides a list of all reports with key statistics such as: number of tables, number of groups, number of formulas and number of sub reports which allows you to “survey” the reports to identify the relative complexity of each report in your report library.

 Our customers report using the Report Miner database for such things as cross report analysis, consistency of formulas and custom cross-reference reports. We have provided a sample report which can be run from this database to provide a table-to-report cross reference which can be found here