Report Miner Suite

The Report Miner Suite is a single application which contains 4 utilities that each provide unique functionalityfor documenting Crystal Report file. Orginally, these were four distinct applicatione which we distribute only as a complete suite.  The utilities included in the Report Miner Suite are detailed below.


Extract generates configurable professional-quality report definition documentation for Crystal Report files. Extract analyzes each selected Crystal Report file and can generate documentation on the report definition in the following formats:

  • Microsoft Word Format
  • Microsoft Access DB Format
  • Text Format


Note you must have Microsoft Word (version 2000 or higher) installed on your system in order to generate documentation in Word format.


RptDiff is a visual comparison program that allows the user to compare two report files to identify all differences. This allows for a comparison between two different reports or between two versions of the same report to identify all differences. RptDiff is a tremendous timesaver when investigating chnages or when you need to confirm updates to reports.


Xref provides a report from our generated report database of all database tables and/or columns referenced by selected reports (including tables referenced in sub-reports) as well as the report selection formula. The report is a Crystal Report and can be exported to Excel for additional analysis.


Site Survey provides a report from our generated report database showing summary information for reports including: create date, last saved date, revision number, total editing time, number of tables, number of subreports, number of formulae, number of groups and number of report objects. The report is a Crystal Report and can be exported to Excel for additional analysis.

Demonstration Version

The Report Miner Suite is available in a demonstration version which will display only the first three items in each section and the first three formula fields. The demo version can be downloaded from the Downloads page. Licenses can be purchased that will remove the 3 item restriction.


Supported Crystal Reports versions: 3.0 through 14.0 (Crystal Reports 3 through Crystal Reports 2011)