Report Miner VSS Plug-in

The Report Miner RptDiff VSS Add-in for Crystal Reports is the first add-in product for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS) 2005 to support Crystal Reports files. Microsoft’s Visual SourceSafe is a source code control system that allows users to manage report files through a check-in and check-out process. Without the RptDiff VSS Add-in, users are unable to see the differences between two report files or two versions of the same report file, which limits the usefulness of a source control system.

RptDiff VSS Add-in bridges this gap and allows users to easily view all the differences between two report files or two versions of the same report in an easy to view side-by-side comparison format from within VSS. With Report Miner’s knowledge of the Crystal Reports file structure, our existing RptDiff is the most powerful Crystal Reports comparison tool available for managing .RPT files. Our new RptDiff VSS Add-in extends these benefits to VSS and allows users to quickly and easily view and manage differences in Crystal Report files rather than just being informed that “binary files differ.”

Using the RptDiff VSS Add-in, developers can harness the true power of Visual SourceSafe for maintaining their Crystal Reports files.

Report Miner RptDiff VSS Add-in allows compares two report files and provides a visual analysis of all differences. The two files compared can be two versions of the same report or two separate reports (any stored data in the report file is ignored). The report differences can be viewed in the following ways:

Screenshot of RptDiff's split view for comparing reports:

RptDiff Screenshot RptDiff VSS Add-in allows the users to skip to the next difference in the files to quickly identify changes. Comparison options are available to ignore white-space when comparing files and to ignore case then comparing files.

In addition, the “mining” options can be tailored to specify which areas of the report are to be included in the comparison as shown below Setting Screenshot

RptDiff is intended for Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 2005 users with a need to manage Crystal Report files and analyze and manage report differences. The list can include developers, managers, audit teams, quality control teams, users, or anyone who has a need to determine what has changed in a report file.

Evaluation Version

The Report Miner RptDiff VSS Add-in is available in an evaluation version which will display only the first three items in each section and the first three formula fields. The evaluation version can be downloaded from the Downloads page and once you have tried it, the licensed version (with no restrictions) may be purchased from our Purchase page.

What is the difference between the new RptDiff Visual SourceSafe Add-in and Report Miner RptDiff?

Report Miner RptDiff is a tool within the Report Miner Suite which compares two .RPT files; it can be installed and run independently to process .RPT files.

RptDiff VSS Add-in is not a standalone product, but rather an add-in tool which is used with Microsoft’s Visual SourceSafe (VSS) version control system and allows users to compare versions of .RPT files which have been added to VSS. RptDiff VSS Add-in uses the same mining and comparison basic tools used with the Report Miner RptDiff, but is optimized to work with VSS. RptDiff VSS Add-in requires VSS 2005 or later. (Earlier versions of VSS do not support add-ins).


  • Current RptDiff VSS Add-in Version: 1.0 (based on Report Miner Suite RptDiff 4.0)
  • Supported Crystal Reports versions: 3 – 2008
  • Required Version Control Software: Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 2005
  • Supported Platforms: Microsoft Windows Client Operating Systems: Windows XP - Windows 7