RM 5.2.2

  • Added correct “database command” extraction
  • Corrected SQL Query extraction
  • Added “PARAMSFILE.DAT” feature.


1. This release improved the process used to connect to databases to improved the extraction of the SQL Query from report:

  • The system will attempt to logon to your database only if the "Show SQL Query" in the Settings screen is checked.
  • The Logon can be suppressed by un-checking this setting, although you will not see the SQL Query.

2. Added support for a file to hold the database connectin parameters (userid and password) for connections, based on database.  This information is held in a plain text file created with NotePad and contains one line for each database referencedin the report. The format is:

 databasename, userid, password

Each parameter must be separate by a comma.  Multiple lines may be entered if multiple databases are used:

 Sales, user1, pass1
 HR, user2, pass2
 Manufacturing, user3, pass3

This file must be named PARAMSFILE.DAT and the file must be stored in the same folder as th EXE file.

WARNING: This file contains cleartext and exposes the database userid and password.  You should use a userid and password with the MINIMUM access rights (read/select only) necessary for the reports to be mined.  You should not use the master database account and password, as this is a security risk.

File Size:  51.42 MB
MD5 Hash: 21ab4fb05b9db513b77216cd2b4c7ab7


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