Report Miner RptDiff compares two report files and provides a visual analysis of all differences. The two files compared can be two versions of the same report or two separate reports (any stored data in the report file is ignored).

The report differences can be viewed in the following ways:

  • A side by side by side comparisson with the differences highlighted (screenshot below).
  • A printable combined view comparisson with the differences highlighted (more info).
  • A printable difference view just showing the differences between the reports (more info).

RptDiff also allows the users to skip to the next difference in the files, for quickly identifying all changes.

Screenshot of RptDiff's split view for comparing reports:

RptDiff is invaluable to developers, since it is often very difficult to determine the differences between reports. If a report is opened with Crystal Reports Report Designer, make no changes, and then save it, the files are different! This is because Crystal Reports unpacks the .rpt file into the designer when it opens and then re-packs it when you save it, incrementing the revision number, updating the 'Last Saved By' field and the 'Last Saved Date'. While this is useful information, it makes it very difficult to determine if a change was actually made.

RptDiff is used to help solve this problem. RptDiff is intended for anyone with a need to identify and document report file changes. The list can include developers, managers, audit teams, quality control teams, users, or anyone who has a need to determine what has changed in a report file.