Using Report Miner to identify report changes after an update

One of the most difficult tasks is identifying what changes have been made to a Crystal Reports. One report works, and one does not – but how do you determine what is different or what has been changed between the two reports? 

There are two methods: the first involves opening up both files in Crystal Reports and manually comparing the two reports while the more efficient method is to compare the reports using Report Miner! Report Miner will compare two versions of the same report, or two different reports and identify all differences in an easy-to-read format. 

Our team used to spend hours identifying changes made to reports or confirming that changes were made as requested; with Report Miner, this can be done in minutes. 

Our customers report that this tool alone justifies the purchase on Report Miner with one use, whether you are a project manager, a QA team member, a user, or a developer.