What is Report Miner?

Report Miner is a unique utility program which reads Crystal Report files and:

  • Creates professional-quality documentation files extracting and reporting all report details including:
    • Report summary information (author, last modified date, etc.)
    • Report selection formula.
    • Tables and columns used,
    • Formulas (both user formulas and conditional formulas,
    • Groups and section details,
    • Report objects (fields, headings, images, graphs, etc.)
  • Provides analysis of the base report and all sub-reports
  • Provides a visual layout of the report (scaled to fit on one page)
  • Provides detailed analysis of differences between reports in both text and Word format
  • Provides customized Word layout through parameters.
  • Creates a database of report attributes which can be used for cross-report analysis.

Report Miner does allow you to modify the report files, only to read and report on the contents.  You do not need a Crystal Reports developer edition in order to use Report Miner.

Report Miner Version 5 provides a new user interface and offers full support for Crystal Reports Version 2013 and all earlier versions.

Download an evaluation copy from the Report Miner Download Page