Report Miner Suite's Extract generates configurable professional-quality report definition documentation for Crystal Report files. A sample document generated by Extract is available here, and a screenshot of a report layout included in the Word documents generated by Extract is available here.

Key Features

Auto-Generate professional documentation in the following formats:

  • Microsoft Word Format - allowing users to generate formal documentation on the report definition, including a visual layout of the report. Extract also supports using Word templates which allows documents to be generated in accordance with customer documentation standards.
  • Microsoft Access DB Format - allowing users to create a database of all their reports for analysis (such as all database fields used in a report) as well as for cross-report analysis (such as all reports using field xxx).
  • Text Format - allowing for a basic report detail output which can be used in conjunction with a version control tool to determine differences between reports.

Can configure the amount of detail included in the documentation. (more info)

Supports using Word templates when creating Word documents, allowing documents to be generated in accordance with existing documentation standards. (more info)

Allows users to specify the "owner" of the Crystal Report File which will be stored in the generated Microsoft Access database. This allows users to be able to query for reports which are owned by certain customers. (more info)

Can document either individual reports, or all reports in a directory (which will include reports found in all sub-directories).

Can generate documentation for a batch of reports based on a file containing a list of all reports to be documented. (more info)

Can be run from the command line with standard options. (more info)

Generated Access database can be used for cross-report analysis. (more info)

Sample Report Layout screenshot included in the generated Word document:

A full sample of the documentation generated by Report Miner Extract can be found here.