Report Miner XRef (Table Cross-reference) provides a an Excel style cross-reference of your reports to the tables they utilize in preparing the reports (including sub-reports). The cross reference shows:

  • Report file name
  • Report title
  • Sub-report name, if any
  • Table reference, with full qualifications
  • Record selection formula

This Table Cross-reference lets you quickly review your reports. The information can be ordered (sorted) by any of the fields, providing listing by table, by report title, etc. This cross-reference can also be copied to the clipboard for use with other applications, such as Excel.

XRef screenshot:

How can I use XRef? 

XRef provides an easy method of:

  • Identifying all tables a report references
  • Identifying which reports reference specific tables
  • Identifying selection criteria for report (e.g., reports which include only active customers)

Who can use XRef?
XRef is intended for anyone with a need to review and/or monitor report files. 

For developers, XRef is useful in monitoring and tracking tables usage by reports and record selection information to ensure complete reporting of data.

For users, XRef provides the same information as available for the developer, which may not be part of the normal report or system documentation.